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Majessa Standard Poodles A Hallmark of Excellence Since 1976

Poodles Breeding & Grooming

Take home healthy and versatile Poodles.


Breeding, Handling, Showing

Majessa Standard Poodles have been a hallmark of excellence for over forty years. Our Poodles are known for their health, temperament, and the excellent versatility of the breed.

About Poodles

About Poodles

Poodles are the most eager, athletic, loving, loyal and incredibly smart.  Standard Poodles have a fantastic ability to learn and will surprise you with their desire to complete tasks with their innate intelligence.

Known for their exceptional intellect, friendly, and active nature, Poodles make very sweet-natured companions for you and your family.

Majessa Standard Poodles

Exceptional Poodles

Exceptional Poodles

Poodles are highly trainable and well suited for just about any task you put them to.  They are known for their non-shedding curly coat, intelligence, ease of training, for being hypo-allergenic, and love of  family.

The incredible playful, dignified Poodle excel at performance sports such as obedience competition, agility competition, hunt test competition, fly ball competition, herding, and as many other sports as there are to be had.  The active healthy Poodle thrive on learning and achieving. 

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